Project Description

SharpMik is a port of the C based MikMod lib to 100% C#.

This is based on MikMod v3.1.12

Currently following the same usage and code style as the C lib, so it can only play one mod at a time and all actions are done via static methods. There is a wrapper class to make using it a little easier.


If you are using SharpMik for a project why not let me know in the discussions, if will help me work out the demand for updates and which platforms its being used on!



To reach 100% compatability with mikmod, this will mean all mod loaders and perfect sound recreation.


Future Improvements

Plan to move the library to a move OOP programming style and clean up the code.

Create exceptions for the different fail reasons to make it easer to know why a mod load failed.


Current Support level

Supported Loaders

  • Mod
  • M15
  • 669
  • XM
  • IT
  • S3M
  • FAR
  • ULT
  • MTM


Supported Drivers

  • NAudio
  • Wav writer
  • No Audio
  • XNA Dynamic Sound Effect Driver (PC, Xbox 360, WP7)

Supported Mixers

  • LQ Software Mixer
  • HQ Software Mixer (WIP)




To aid in the goals a unit test like tool has been created that will run over a selection of files and get the C version of the lib to create a wav file and then get SharpMod todo the same.  the resulting errors and wav files will then be compared to make sure the end results match.




16/12/2012 * Got a mod playing on a WinRT application using SharpDX!

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